Month: February 2018

Pt.1: Former Jehovah’s Witness talks about the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society.

Former Jehovah’s Witness Paul Wilbanks talks about his journey to Christ. In this episode brother Daniel talks to former Jehovah’s Witness Paul Wilbanks about his upbringing and involvement in the watch Tower Bible and tract society. A very interesting and educational retelling of his journey to a orthodox biblical faith in Christ.

Unite youth conference: breakout session 2

Brother Daniel’s second breakout session at Unite youth conference. In this episode Brother Daniel shares his story of how he came to faith in Christ and wraps up with a brief overview of 2 Corinthians ch 5:17-21.

Pt. 2: Ten reasons why Matthew Vines “Gay Christianity” is wrong.

Robert Jackson, John Carter, Wesley Howell and brother Daniel continue their discussion on “Gay Christianity.” In this episode the guys pick up where they left off in their refutation of Matthew Vines “10 reasons” article in TIME Magazine.

Pt. 1: Ten reasons why Matthew Vines “Gay Christianity” is wrong.

Wesley Howell, Rob Jackson and Brother Daniel talk about “Gay Christianity”. In this episode the guys lay a foundation in regards to the Gospel and same-sex attraction. then they begin a refutetation of Matthew Vines “10 reasons why God loves gay Christians”.

Pt. 10: A discussion between an Arminian and a Calvinist.

Brother Daniel and Jason Pierce do a Q & A session with Paul Willbanks. In this episode Paul asks Jason and Daniel questions to bring further clarity to their positions.