A Discussion between an Arminian and a Calvinist. Pt 3

Brother Daniel and Jason Pierce talk in studio about some of the finer points of Total Depravity from an Arminian and Calvinist position. In this episode they discuss Middle Knowledge, Molinisim and Man’s naturel inability to come to God on his own.

About the Author
Brother Daniel is a former atheist and drug addict. He spent nine years of his young adult life denying the existence of God and living a lifestyle steeped in drug addiction and depravity. At the age of 21 the Lord in his mercy brought him to faith and repentance through the gospel of his Son the Lord Jesus Christ. Now Daniel serves as the pastor of spiritual growth and development at Ransomed Community Church in Florence Alabama. God in his rich grace not only made brother Daniel alive together with him in Christ, but also made him a preacher, pastor, husband and father.

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