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Sound Speech is a podcast that is dedicated to Christian living, apologetics, and all things theological. Our goal is to glorify God through friendly debate, interviews, and testimonies of God’s grace. Enjoy!

Pt. 7: A discussion between an Arminian and a Calvinist.

Brother Daniel and Jason Pierce begin talking about effectual calling. In this episode they define the doctrine and discuss whether or...

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Pt. 6: A discussion between an Arminian and a Calvinst.

Brother Daniel and Jason Pierce continue their discussion on Limited Atonement. They start off the episode clarifying a few issues mentioned...

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The Biblical doctrine of the Trinity and some common misconceptions.

In this episode Luke Baker and brother Daniel talk about the Biblical and historically orthodox doctrine of the Trinity. They examine...

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Addiction and Gospel Hope.

Andrew Rouse, R. C. Clayton and Brother Daniel discuss addiction and hope for the hurting. In this episode the tell their...

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Daniel Goggans Testimony

A testimony of God’s remarkable grace in the salvation of brother Daniel Goggans.

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Holly Carter’s Powerful Testimony of God’s Grace.

In this episode Holly Carter shares her testimony in studio. Holly talks about her rough and painful upbringing and her conversion...

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Christian Podcasts

The aim of our ministry is to produce quality podcasts to challenge each listener to grow in their faith while inspiring them to love God and follow Him in obedience. 

Christian Thinking

We hope that our work will inspire you to think deeply about the truths of God by interacting with differing views of theology. These discussions are not meant to create division, but healthy and friendly debate.

Christian Music

Sound Speech is also devoted to producing Christian music in a variety of genres. We hope our music will exalt our Savior as we unashamedly proclaim the truth of God’s Word.

Show host

Sound Speech podcast is hosted by Daniel Goggans. A sinner save by the grace of God, Daniel also serves as a pastor at Ransomed Community Church.

Daniel Goggans

A resident of North Alabama, he is also the husband to Tessa and father to Judah.

Featured Guests

In an effort to foster brotherly love, unity, and friendly discussion, we will be welcoming regular guests to the podcast.


Jason Pierce

Deacon at FBC of Russellville, AL

Holly Carter

Wife of John Carter
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